Automotive Accessories

Your car has several essential accessories that, while they are not essential for the car to run, will help the car run more efficiently, last longer, and maintain value. These essential accessories include
Mufflers: these are usually required in populated areas. They muffle the loud sound your exhaust makes and help you to concentrate on driving without hearing the bangs and whines of your car.
Good tires: The car will run, albeit not very far, without tires. Good tires grip the road, increase fuel efficiency, keep you safe, and protect the car from the road. Always replace worn tires when the tread goes below 2/32 inches.
Paint: While paint may not seem important, it plays a critical role in protecting the car body from rust and decay. Without paint, your car will not only look bad but begin to deteriorate at a much higher rate.


Your suspension is the distance between the wheel of the car and the main body of the car. This is a result of the springs and axles and their position under the car. Vehicles with custom suspension are usually built to fit a specific purpose. High suspension is better for rough terrain.


Remember that you should never put more money into a car than the original price you paid for it. Cars lose value quickly, and making massive customizations to a cheap car will only result in massive money losses. Customize your dream car that you plan on keeping for years to come.

Theft Protection

Remember that customized cars are the most likely cars to get stolen. They are usually more valuable than ordinary cars and attract high amounts of attention from pedestrians. Always keep your custom car locked up at night, and never park in dark areas on streets or parking lots where there is little traffic.

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